Custom Frame Packs

Struggling to find the bike pack that suits you needs? Got an unusual space in your bike frame that it just crying out to be filled? Want to demonstrate your green credentials? Want to ditch your backpack?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then a BEERBABE INNER TUBE CUSTOM PACK is just what you are looking for.

Not only are the packs made from used inner tubes (you might even get a puncture repair) but the larger ones are lined with used malt sacks which I get from Firebird Brewery.

As an example of the weight of a full frame pack, the one for my 2014 Salsa Beargrease weighs in at just 380g!

So what's next?

Please use the Contact Me form to let me know your specific requirements. Based on this information, I will be able to advise you of the lead time.

If you decide to proceed (& who wouldn't want to be the owner of a Beerbabe Original), I will need a template of the frame along with information such as bottle cage mounts & cable routing points so that the pack will attach securely to the frame.

Template Instructions - download here (opens a new window).


Current price for a full size frame pack: £80 (includes all personalisation but exclude shipping)

Other packs available (prices vary) - please Contact Me for a quote

Click here to see examples & reviews of packs I have made.