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Frame Pack for Nukeproof Mega

Nukeproof Mega pack

Hi Judy.

The frame pack arrived a couple of days ago and I had my first ride with it today. It's perfect fit for my frame and I got a downhill tube, tyre levers, repair kit and multitool inside.  I'm going to get a normal weight tube instead and should be able to squeeze my phone in there too. Really nice being able to ride without a backpack but still carry the essentials! Might have a few friends looking to order soon too.

Lorne (http://www.lornecameron.com/; Boax Headwear)


Frame Pack for Ibis Mojo - Bomb Bay Bag

Bomb Bay Bag 5  Bomb Bay Bag 2  Bomb Bay Bag 7

Bomb Bay Bag 4  Bomb Bag Bag 1  Bomb Bay Bag 3  

Customer email:
Spot on, robust and well stitched together. The edge seams are doing their job of holding it in place. Like the zip, the detail of the small circle for the light cable and the velcro Logo Tab to keep things neat. 
Also like the velcro fastening to the frame. Some suggestion here, though not critical, is the velcro may be a bit longer in the sections as fitted to the bag. I like the fact that there is no velcro at the extreme front of the bag as I can place a bike stand bracket through it. This would not be possible if it was fixed. 
Velcro fastening is proving very robust. No issues with the bag falling out of the hole. I did start with it loaded with less valuable items than my AyUp battery but I'm confident It wont move now. More so with a little more velcro as above. 
Velcro is staying clean and not picking up mud, that's being collected by the downtube. Very pleased with the no straps arrangement. No rubbing as fitted but its early days. 
The Black colour is fine on my natural carbon bike, matches well. 
It may be my marking but a "fraction" bigger all round would really make it snug. Its fine as it is, just an observation. Its also a useful size rather than purely nice to have. A fair bit of stuff goes in, tubeless repair kit, innertube and Haribo... I carry tools and stuff on my bike so that quick spins backpack free are also covered for mechanicals. 
The AyUp battery cord fitted as standard is just a wee bit short, no fault of the bag, its just the way the frame and the battery is. HOWEVER.. the position of the velcro makes fitting the battery on the top tube easy, the neoprene stretchy things pass between the bag and underside of the top tube. Clever !
Otherwise, its great. Loved the communication with me, the speed it was sorted out and the no fuss being in Germany... top stuff and many thanks. If you want any pics for your web site or want me to produce a quote / testimonial, just say.. 

Frame Pack for Surly Pugsley

Surly Pug (m)

Customer email:

"Hi Judy

Don't worry the pack performed exactly how I wanted it to.

I loaded it to the brim to give it a proper testing! Waterproof jacket, pump, toolkit, spare batteries, gloves, keys, wallet, glasses, pasty, water bottle, phone, camera and still a little room.

The inside pocket perfect easy to get to I kept my wallet in there for the beer and pasty stops.

The key holder clip after a long days riding I easily found my keys without emptying the bag.

26 miles of riding all sorts of terrain I didn't even know it was there when on the move. But every time I stopped everything I need was just where I wanted it.

I added a thin strip of packing foam around the inside edge just to stop things banging on the frame.

I took the rings off of the zips just so I didn't catch them on anything, today I added the string off of my coat zip to the bag just personal preference I suppose!

When I measured the main triangle I did it from the most inner facing part of the tubes. The pug has fairly narrow tubes and when the pack is empty the sides fit up around the sides of the tubes. When the pack was full (see pic) it pulled the sides in making it a very tight fit and I could not do all of the straps up at the same time. I extended the straps so I could adjust the positioning about and everything worked fine.

When you make another pack for this size frame I would recommend making it 1-1.5cm bigger all of the way round and perhaps longer straps for better adjustment.

Cleaning it was easy just wiped it down with a wet sponge.

In short well pleased I'll definately be using it a lot.

I hope my comments are of use to you feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Everyone that looked at it was impressed, I'm sure there are some enquires coming your way.

Thanks Loads & All The Best



Frame Pack for Santa Cruz Superlight 29er


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