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As a cyclist, I am aware of how many used inner tubes are discarded and end up in landfill sites. This is my way of diverting that waste and giving it a new life as something useful or fun.

These products are hand-made by me from used bicycle inner tubes which I collect from a group of local bike shops.

Before use, the tubes are cut open and washed. This almost eliminates the smell associated with the tube and leaves a material which has a leather-like feel to it.

The inner tube products are durable and have a natural water resistance. Over time and use, they will develop a sheen and smoothness which is not normally associated with the original inner tube.

The inner tubes may have puncture repair patches and factory branding marked on them. Where possible I use these features to add a bit of uniqueness to the products. 

When I have to add stucture and additional water-resistance, I incorporate used malt sacks into the designs which I get from my local breweries - Dark Star Brewery and Firebird Brewing. These are a single-use item which are disposed of as general waste.