Houffa Saddle Pouch

Houffa Saddle Pouch


Houffa Saddle Pouch

The Houffa Saddle Pouch is a modifiction of the Houffa Pod stem pack.

houffa_saddle2  houffa_saddle3

It is constructed from used bicycle inner tube with the side inserts made from 600D waterproof canvas*. The outer cover is lined with used banner material which adds extra support. The colour of side panels can be selected from the drop-down box below. 


The pouch is held in position by means of a webbing strap which passes through the cord loops on either side and over the saddle rails. The Velcro allows the strap to be pulled tight to secure the pouch to the seat and compress the contents.

The contents of the pouch can be accessed without having to remove it from the saddle.

A clip rear light can be used (but is not included).

* The Donut print fabric is 225D so the side insert is additionally lined with contrasting ripstop fabric.

houffa_saddle4  houffa_saddle5



Dimensions: 15cm (min) - 21cm (max)  h x 10cm w x 7cm d
Weight: 90g
Canvas Insert Colour:

:  at  £32.00  each