Houffa Handbag (Multi)

Houffa Handbag (Multi)


Houffa Handbag (Multi)

The Houffa Handbag is a modification of the handlebar pack. It's main purpose is as a handbag although it can also be attached to a bicycle handlebar.

houffa_handbag1b  houffa_handbag1c

It removes the need for a zip and the contents can be accessed easily. The zip can be the weakest part of a product and is prone to failure when stressed. 

It is constructed from used bicycle inner tube with the side gussets made from recycled, printed bag canvas. It is additionally lined with waterproof, ripstop fabric.

The Velcro closure has been designed to allow the bag to be kept almost empty or well-filled. There is an elastic cord which passes over the front of the pack & is held in place with a covered button (for added security).

The pack is designed to completely encase & protect what is put inside.

It features:

  • adjustable webbing strap that can be easily removed


240mm L x ~160mm H x 60mm W

Adjustable webbing shoulder strap - Maximum length 125cm

:  at  £40.00  each