@_rocketdog_ Wallet

@_rocketdog_ Wallet


@_rocketdog_ Wallet



A bi-fold wallet made from recycled bicycle inner tubes which closes with a Velcro flap. It is edged with cotton binding.

It has:

  • 1 full currency/receipt slot
  • 2 credit card slots
  • 1 zipped pocket which will hold approximately £10 in change


Fully open - 260mm x 90mm*

Closed - 110mm x 90mm*

* approximate measurement which depends upon the width of the inner tube.


Why @_RoCkEtDoG_? When I originally designed this wallet it only had credit card slots. I was asked whether it was possible to replace 2 of the slots with a purse instead as loose change in a pocket can be annoying. I made the alteration, the customer was happy so I named it after him.

:  at  £15.00  each